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Guarddog 2.4.0

File Size: 955KB
Description:     Guarddog is a firewall configuration utility for Linux systems. Guarddog is aimed at two groups of users. Novice to intermediate users who are not experts in TCP/IP networking and security, and those users who dont want the hastle of dealing with cryptic shell scripts and ipchains/iptables parameters.

Easy to use goal oriented GUI. You say what the firewall should do without having to explain all the details of how it should do it.
Application protocol based. Unlike other tools, Guarddog does not require you to understand the ins and outs of IP packets and ports. Guarddog takes care of this for you. This also reduces the chances of configuration mistakes being made which are a prime source of security holes.
Doesnt just generate the firewall once and forgets it. Guarddog lets you maintain and modify the firewall in place.
Hosts/networks can be divided into Zones. Different zones can have different security policies for different.
Supports the following network protocols: FTP, SSH, Telnet, Linuxconf, Corba, SMTP, DNS, Finger, HTTP, HTTPS, NFS, POP2, POP3, SUN RPC, Auth, NNTP, NETBIOS Name Service, NETBIOS Session Service, IMAP, Socks, Squid, pcANYWHEREstat, X Window System, Traceroute, ICQ, PowWow, IRC, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Ping, Quake, QuakeWorld, Quake 2, Who Is, Webmin, ICMP Source Quench, ICMP Redirect, Real Audio, Line Printer Spooler, syslog, NTP, NetMeeting, Gnutella, LDAP, LDAP-SSL, SWAT, Diablo II, Nessus, DHCP, AudioGalaxy, DirectPlay, Halflife, XDMCP and Telstras BigPond Cable, CDDB, MSN Messenger, VNC, PPTP, Kerberos, klogin, kshell, NIS, IMAPS, POP3S, ISAKMP, CVS and DICT.
Protocols not supported in the list above can be entered in directly.
Supports router configurations.
Runs on KDE 2 or 3, and Linux 2.2 and 2.4 series kernels.
Supports advanced Linux 2.4 iptables features such as connection tracking and rate limited logging.
Firewall scripts can be Imported/Exported for use on machines other than the current one.
DHCP support.
Uses a "what is not explicitly allowed, is denied" philosophy. Fail-safe design.
Well documented with tutorials and reference material.
Download:   Guarddog 2.4.0


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