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STL WebDl v0.1

File Size: 485KB
Description:     Main features:

-Unlimited DLs
-You can chose filename for each file
-High Quality Icon Changer (You can use .ico, or extract ico from .exe or dlls) -> used the same module that I coded for STL Packer 1.7+
-Persistance -> If you set a delay of 10 mins, and 5 mins later the guy reboot his pc, stl webdl will still work after the reboot, and this until the download is completed and executed.
-Files are downloaded to temporary dir (to be sure it will work on vista and limited account)
-Coded in Delphi 7
-Only use WinAPI
-Very stable
-Small stub -> 9kb not packed
-Sexy GUI, lol jk
Download:   STL WebDl v0.1


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