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FaceCode DX 2.1.4
Airscanner Mobile Encrypter 2.9
Kruptos 2 build
DoSWF Mini (Flash SWF Encryptor) 5.0.1
Crippin 2.12
SecuBox for Pocket PC 1.5
PocketSafe 1.32
SignWise Pro 2.52
Confidential Notes 1.1
Chris PC-Lock 3.0
Lock PC Professional 3.8
Sentry 2020 2.9
Secumate Pro 2.7.1
PerfectGuard 1.1
SecureIT Encryption Software 4.1
PC Lock 1.0.0
ProximLock .1
InviziVault 1
Hash Codes 1.62.780.7200
FreeOTFE4PDA v2.00
Turbine 3.0
PhoneWallet for Windows PC 1.0
Max PC Safe 5.7
Hash Codes Portable (32-bit) 1.60.622.8200
Desktop USB Security Key 1.5
Ainishare File Lock Standard 1.0
officEEnigma 1.0
Comodo Disk Encryption 1.2.114847.152
Kryptofile Personal
WinHide 1.04


File Size: 10258KB
Description:     Use this software to store, protect, and back up your important information, and find it very easily as soon as you need it.

Have your most important personal information backed up for safekeeping, encrypted and password-protected for security, but right with you when you want it. Plus, you can enter your information on your Windows PC and synchronize it with your handheld.
Download:   eWallet


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