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IPer 2.0

File Size: 609KB
Description:     IPer is a PocketPC 2002 software test tool for maintaining computer Local Area Networks (LANs) running the TCP/IP protocol.

Show Adapter Information:

Adapter type and speed, hardware address, ip address, subnet mask, gateway, DNS server, etc.
Release and renew a lease on an IP address previously obtained through DHCP
Check Network Connectivity:
Use Ping to verify network connectivity, check transmitted and received data integrity, indicate network traffic loading by measuring round trip time
Display MAC address of the pinged host
Tell you if local gatway alive when the pinged host unreachable.
Real Time Network Traffic Measurer:
Capture all of the packets on the local area network
Show total bytes (and MB) of traffic
Show average bytes of traffic per second
Show total IP, ARP, and other packets of traffic.
Download:   IPer 2.0


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