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Confidential Notes 1.1

File Size: 762KB
Description:     Confidential Notes is a practical and easy to use solution that increases your productivity and provides you with a high level of security for your mobile data.

Product features include:

Four types of notes can be created (text, sketch, audio, combo).
Customized folders can be created offering the user faster access to their personal, business or any other specific data.
Two password authorization levels: standard and advanced.
During all time notes are encrypted with 256 bit AES encryption.
Notes can be read and created just after a successful login into the program.
Users can change their passwords or password authentication modes at any time.
The folder containing the encrypted notes can be easily backed-up.
User can setup a predfined period of time after which Confidential Notes automatically closes itself.
Download:   Confidential Notes 1.1


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