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ViPNet Safe Disk Mobile

File Size: 1447KB
Description:     ViPNet Safe Disk for Pocket PC is an advanced data security system designed specifically for pocket computers. It enables you to hide your personal information or company’s corporate secrets from the prying eyes of criminals, business competitors and curious people. With this software, you will no longer fear that some unscrupulous person may compromise your reputation or damage your business, using the confidential data from your PDA. The program provides your pocket computer with a totally protected environment where your files are stored encrypted and password-protected. It enables you to create secret folders, the so-called "containers", where you can hide your documents and other confidential files. To open a file, you need to mount the "container" that stores it and demount this "container" when you close the file. The highest level of data protection is ensured by AES and GOST encryption algorithms that render your secret folders completely inaccessible for intruders. Your data remain protected even when the PDA is switched off or in the "stand-by" mode. In addition to the advanced cryptographic technology, the program demonstrates good data management capabilities. Once you have provided your authentification, you can easily open any file for viewing or editing in a word processor, spreadsheet or database program. This file will be automatically decrypted at opening and encrypted at saving. Also, the program features a well-designed user interface where you can easily locate any command when you need it. You can quickly create, delete, mount or demount secret "containers". In case of emergency you can tap on the "Panic" icon to demount all mounted "containers" in a second. Added to all this is the ability to exchange encrypted data between a PDA and a PC, provided that the latter has the desktop version of ViPNet Safe Disk. Encryption.
Download:   ViPNet Safe Disk Mobile


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